The following sites provide examples of our work. Each site listed below is currently active; click on the underlined link or picture of the site to visit--the site will open in a new browser window. If you have questions about the design or programming of a listed site, please contact us and not the owner of the listed site.

The Howell County News

Howell County News

Howell County News is a PHP-driven subscription-based website for a weekly newspaper in Willow Springs, Missouri. Users can fill out the hassle-free form if they wish to subscribe.

Hers Magazine

Hers is a PHP-driven site for a women's news magazine published in Willow Springs, Missouri. The form interface that was designed for updating this site allows the user to upload stories and photos with just the click of a button. Feature photos are automatically resized to thumbnail images by the site's backend program.

Cherokee Road Condos

A simple site showcasing a property in Louisville, KY that is being renovated into Condominium-style apartments. Visitors t the site can learn more about the propery, the neighborhood, and can click to view full-size renderings of potential room layouts and floor plans.



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